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FIRST you will click on the log in/sign up button and then choose sign up. Even if you are already a FOWA Member, you can choose Non-Member during account creation. We will update your membership status from the backend.

REMEMBER this is a new start. You will not be using any old log-in information from previous certificate pages. This is your chance to choose a username and a password that works for you. If you ever forget your password, you can use the “forgot password” link and fix it yourself. If you forget your user name or email address for log-in you can email Brit to ask.

WHO NEEDS TO SIGN UP? This is how you will access your certificates for classes. Each person’s certificates can only be posted on their own user account (these are sensitive documents used for licensing). So every person who will receive certificates needs to create an account.

WHAT ABOUT OFFICE MANAGERS? As an office manager you could create an account so that you can sign up employees for in-person classes and have a record of which ones they’re registered for. Certificates for your employees will NOT be posted on your account. They will need their own accounts. You will NOT be able to sign your employees up for online classes.