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Homeowner ATU Training

Step1: Review the flyer below to see if your system participates in homeowner training.

Step2: Find the necessary paperwork for your system (examples below)

Step3: Email the registration form along with the necessary documentation to FOWA.

Next FOWA Training June 27 & 28, 2024


Not all systems allow homeowners to be trained to maintain them.
See if your system is eligible.


Find the required documentation for your system.
Required: ATU Permit & Site Plan showing unit and drainfield on your property plan.

example of permit

example of site plan


Fill out the registration form and send it to Brit with your site plan and permit.
You can fill out payment on the registration form or we can send you an invoice with a link to pay online. 

Registration form

Commonly Asked Questions

Unfortunately there is no legislation that requires ATU Manufacturers to train homeowners to maintain their own system. However, there are a few more manufacturers that will train homeowners, but like to do so themselves. If you have a system that is not listed on our forms you can check the contact  list for your manufacturer so that you can speak with them yourself.

You’ll need to contact your local Environmental Health Office through your county’s Department of Health. Sound complicated? It’s not. Just ‘google’ Hillsborough Environmental Health OSTDS but use your county. You’ll find a phone number to call.

You should bring something to take notes with as well as your system paperwork and some photos of your system to review with the instructor.

No. We will provide plastic gloves and the tools you need for the training session.