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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a Final Order on June 12, 2023, adopting allocation reductions to the following basin management action plans (BMAPs), in accordance with the recent First District Court of Appeals’ ruling:  Santa Fe River BMAP, Silver Springs and Upper Silver River and Rainbow Spring Group and Rainbow River BMAP, Suwannee River BMAP, Volusia Blue Spring BMAP. The combined final order and BMAPs are located on the BMAP document page.

06.13.23 BMAP Statute Revisions go into effect July 1, 2023
(View letter from Eberhard Roeder – FL DEP)
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05.23.23 Blue-Green Algae Task Force Meeting on May 30th
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Hold was placed on requirements for Nitrogen Reducing Systems in 5 BMAP areas (View letter from Eberhard Roeder – FL DEP) – EXPIRED June 15, 2023.