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by approval only.

These courses have limited seating. You cannot automatically enroll in them.

If you would like be added to the wait list for these courses please contact Brit with your purpose for attending.


ACT Classes are a grouping of Master I, II and III.

There are a variety of reasons for taking these courses. Click on the links to the right to explore your options.

Those who are seeking certification as a CEHP to do their job

Individuals not affiliated with the DOH seeking a CEHP license

To become certified to do private provider inspections.

Successful completion of Master II will allow a person to do soil evaluations under a PE’s license & passing all 3 classes will allow a person to do private provider inspections under a PE’s license.

If you are working toward a Master Septic Tank Contractor license then you must successfully complete Master I, II, and III classes. (Master IV is also required, but it is not part of the ACTs)

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a quick run down.

The ACT classes are a mix of pre-recorded sessions that are available online and then two days of field exercises at the FOWA Training Center. The online portions would have to be completed one week prior to the field exercise dates.

Upon completion of the online material and the field exercises, you would then be scheduled for your exams.  The testing portion is handled by the DEP and more information regarding testing will be sent to you by their organization at the appropriate time.

Did you know?

The ACT classes are a joint effort between FOWA, the Florida Department of Health, and the Florida DEP.

Explore the role that each organization plays in your certification process. Find out who to contact for what information!
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Working toward a CEHP license?
You are required to get approval from the DOH to attend the ACT courses.

The DOH handles licensing for all Certified Environmental Health Professionals (CEHPs). If you are working for the state or becoming a private CEHP then you must be approved before you can register for the ACT classes.

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Ready to register for an ACT Session?
Contact FOWA and we will let you know if there’s space available.

FOWA hosts the online class sessions on the MyFOWA website and hosts the in-person field exercises at the FOWA Training Center. Any questions about registration and payment for classes should be directed to FOWA.

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Have questions…about testing?
…about the course material? …about required equipment?

The DEP provides the instructors for Master I, II, and III. Specific questions about course material and required equipment should be directed to them. The DEP also schedules and proctors the examinations.



Online sessions to be completed by:
January 26th

In-person field exercises:
Feb 5 & 6 or Feb 7 & 8


Online sessions to be completed by:
March 22nd

In-person field exercises:
April 1 & 2 or April 3 & 4


Online sessions to be completed by:
May 24th

In-person field exercises:
June 3 & 4 or June 5 & 6


Online sessions to be completed by:
August 16th

In-person field exercises:
Aug 26 & 27 or Aug 28 & 29


Online sessions to be completed by:
October 4th

In-person field exercises:
Oct 14 & 15 or Oct 16 & 17



Master I – $360
Master II – $680
Master III – $370

Total Non Member ACTs = $1,410



1st member in a company


2nd + member in a company

Membership runs from October 1 – September 30
(just like the licensing periods)


Master 1 – $200
Master II – $380
Master III – $205

Total Member ACTs = $ 785
Total + Membership = $1,085


If you are working toward a Certified Environmental Health Professional (CEHP) license you must be approved by the DOH to attend. All others (engineers and their staff, registered contractors working toward a Master license) can start by contacting FOWA.

Yes! All the materials can be found on the DEP website (scroll to the bottom)

Only the Master II (Soils) requires specific equipment.


  1. Six-foot soil auger, with appropriate soil auger bucket (capable of reaching 72 inch soil depth),

  2. Munsell Soil Color Book (pages clean, complete set of hue pages present, not reproduced, all color chips intact and not cracked or discolored, front not laminated, includes all gley charts, most current version).

  3. Sharpshooter shovel, (12” or longer blade recommended)

  4. Tape measure that’s a minimum of 6 foot long by 1 inch wide steel, rigid, self – locking, and

    reaches 72 inches long or similar measuring device

  5. Water bottle with a spray nozzle

The auger needs to reach a minimum depth of 6 feet and have a recommend 3 1/4-inch auger bucket. To reach 6 feet you will need extension pieces. Make sure that the extension pieces match the rest of your auger (ie quick-connect or thread-on). You can order soils augers from Forestry Suppliers or other online retailers.

At the FOWA Training Center located at:
5115 State Road 557
Lake Alfred, FL 33850

The agenda for field exercises are sent to you one week prior to the field exercises. However, you can use these agendas if you need it earlier: Group 1 and Group 2