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FOWA Training Center featured on ABC Action News

Volusia County received $2.2 million to provide rebates to homeowners for septic system upgrades. View press release

06.30.23 BMAP Revisions Update from FL DEP
(View letter from Eberhard Roeder – FL DEP)

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what are we up to now?

We are currently in our ‘off-season’. This means that we are not actively teaching classes but are working on other things.

Roxanne is attending legislative sessions representing and fighting for the onsite industry. Donate to support our efforts!

We are creating some new online and in-person classes for 2024. 

If you need to contact us please use email.

Enjoy our clean and spacious learning facility

What do we do?

FOWA is a non-profit organization who’s primary goal is education. We provide knowledge about wastewater technologies and maintenance standards in order to ensure a safe and beautiful Florida for future generations.

Course offerings

We cover a variety of topics and add 4 new classes every year. 

Do you have a suggestion for a new class? Let us know.

We travel throughout the state of Florida offering in-person classes closer to you. Check out upcoming classes here.

These are pre-recorded 6 hour classes, broken down into bite sized sessions that you can complete at your leisure. Four topics to choose from. Start one now! Sign up here.

These classes have limited attendance with priority seating given to those seeking CEHP licenses, Master licenses, and those seeking certification for the private provider inspection program. Find more info here.

Our 2023 Convention & Trade Show will offer up to 18 hours over two days (August 2 & 3) at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. Join us afterwards to celebrate our 50th anniversary with a 3 day cruise leaving from Port Canaveral immediately after the convention!

ATU Maintenance Entity Training

Homeowners! Learn to become a maintenance entity for your own ATU system. 

Contractors! Become a maintenance entity for certain systems used in Florida.

*Systems eligible for training are limited. The classes do not count for CEU credit.

course Rates & Membership

These rates are valid for the duration of the 2022-2023 licensing period.


for most 6-hour courses


for MOST 6-hour courses


valid Oct 1, 2023 - Sep 30, 2024
* these course prices do not apply for ATU maintenance training.

our team

It takes a village, as the saying goes… or maybe it just takes 3. Our trio of excellence carries this company forward, while keeping you abreast of the most urgent issues in our industry and leading the way with top notch education. When you’re at your best, we will succeed together.


Executive Director


All Things in Between

sherrill parr

Financial Director

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